Throw Up Magazine 1


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ThrowUp Magazine’s first collectible number about Graffiti and Hip-Hop Culture. Contains interviews with worldwide graff writers and rappers, trains and walls, and more exclusive contents…

ThrowUp Magazine #1 is available in two cover variants:
Choose below between the Red cover for the English version and the Italian green version variant.
Exclusive contents by Pluto From Jail (IT), Flee Lord & Tiona Deniece (US), Slider (GER), Montenero (IT), Poison (IT), Da Flyy Hooligan (UK), Semor (GER), Aies (SUI), NastySons crew (NED), Ike (IT), 386 crew (IT), Dustin (GER), Pixel (IT), ARF crew (IT), Andrew Propaganda (IT), International Trains and much more…

Pages: 128
Published: April, 2022
Cover by Mr.Wany
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